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IKG Team Highlight: IKG China & India

Feb 11, 2021Culture

Ikg China Location Team - Bar Grating Engineers

IKG International

IKG has remained the leading bar grating manufacturer with an enduring focus on knowledge, experience, service, and innovation. In recent years, IKG has taken steps to expand internationally, opening IKG China in 2004, and IKG India in 2010. These teams add years of industry experience and knowledge that enhance our overall service capabilities.

IKG – China

Located in the bustling city of Suzhou just west of Shanghai, the city boasts historic monuments alongside its ever growing technological and manufacturing sectors. IKG China, began as a small office of 3 engineers in 2004 to support IKG customers’ growing engineering needs. The team has expanded over the years, and China team members have celebrated more than 15 years working with IKG. Each member adds valuable knowledge and work experience in steel industry processes as well as a combined 68 years of engineering experience, making IKG China an integral part of our world class engineering group.

Ikg India Bar Grating Engineers And Bim 3D Modeling Experts

IKG – India

IKG opened IKG India in 2010 in the global technology center of Hyderabad, an historic city with a growing manufacturing economy. IKG India was founded with innovation in mind, starting with a small team of 3 engineers. Today, IKG India is 11 strong, enhancing IKG’s engineering efficiency as well as knowledge of state-of-the-art rendering technology. Many of our team members specialize in 3D modeling, Grating BIM, which allows clients to visualize structural steel and grating projects in 3-D for a precise perspective. Altogether, IKG India has a cumulative 65 years of engineering experience and technological knowledge that greatly improves IKG’s estimating processes and responsiveness.

IKG is committed to growing our presence in the industrial, architectural and safety industries. IKG’s international team fully supports our ongoing mission to provide exceptional products and services at exceptional pricing.

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