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Integrate IKG Solutions Into Your 3D BIM Models For Virtual Fit-Up

IKG® is dedicated to creating a seamless, coordinated experience from inquiry to delivery. With GratingBIM™ building information modeling software, our partners experience a reliable and integrated workflow that reduces errors with data-rich digital models.

See Your Project Down to The Smallest Level of Detail

GratingBIM™ represents actual bar grating pieces (bearing bars and cross rods) including banding, toe plate, nosing, penetrations, stair treads and fasteners, in true-to-scale size in 3-D, integrated with your BIM model.  GratingBIM provides a level of granualar detail not normally found in other programs.

Mask Group 2
Bim Level Of Detail Penetrations W600H400
Bim Modeling Level Of Detail Banding W600H400
Bim Level Of Detail Stair Treads W600H400
Bim Level Of Detail Fasteners W600H400


IKG’s GratingBIM Building Information Modeling Software allows vendors access to an interoperable program, for integrated and coordinated workflows that help deliver projects with richer datasets, fewer conflicts and errors, in less time. Models can be output in a variety of formats to easily merge with multiple BIM site models.

Optimize Design

Leveraging use of 3D models early in the design can help engineers design grating layouts and ensure proper grating support.  GratingBIM software visually compares the placement of each grating accessory to identify and correct support issues during the initial modeling phase of the project. Piece marks, sequence, finish and weight data are also included for verification. The result is a seamless view of the entire project before construction begins.


Accelerated Review and Approval Process

Reviewing 2D Shop drawings can be time-consuming.  When integrating 3D models from the EPC, steel fabricators, MEP contractors, and IKG through GratingBIM™, all design elements can be compared in context, improving information flow and shortening the design cycle.

BIM Integration Meetings

3D model-based review and communication processes are increasingly leveraged at construction sites and at EPC firms. Models can be used to raise and address RFI’s efficiently as engineers have a 3D picture or model of details requiring attention.


Reduce Construction Errors

Pipe and equipment clashes in the field lead to costly field repairs and schedule delays. GratingBIM allows grating layouts to merge with piping and equipment models to easily highlight interferences with Clash Detection. We are able to catch potential issues and fix errors prior to fabrication or installation, keeping the project on time and within budget.

Construction Site Model Access

GratingBIM is compatible with apps on handheld devices, making the 3D grating model available for review at the construction site. Information such as sequencing and piece marks are included with the 3D geometry.


Lifecycle Management

GratingBIM models can be digitally stored or imported to the main facility model and utilized during the plant’s lifecycle. With the model, plant owners can easily identify any grating that may need replacement, or share any structural additions or modifications with IKG engineers when a change to the grating installation may be needed.

BIM Showcase

IKG Modeling Projects Utilizing GratingBIM

Grating Bim Gallery 08 W1200H800 1
Grating Bim Gallery 06 W1200H800 1
Grating Bim Gallery 11 W1200H800 1

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