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Welded Grating

Durable, Strong, and Lightweight Grating

Weldforged® grating panels from IKG provide durable, strong, and lightweight open flooring across tens of millions of square feet in multiple industrial and commercial applications.  Our most common bar grating is manufactured in either carbon steel or stainless steel at IKG’s state-of-the-art manufacturing centers on specialized automatic CNC welding machines.  Weldforged grating panels are manufactured in multiple sizes, spacing, thicknesses, surfaces and finishes depending on the application, environment and loading requirements.  Multiple finishes including mill finish, hot dip galvanized, or exclusive GrateCoat® powder coat finish provide solutions in demanding environments. If your application requires additional slip-and-fall safety support, inquire about our MEBAC® coating that offers one of the highest anti-slip coefficients of friction to meet your safety requirements. IKG’s state-of-the-art manufacturing centers are strategically located throughout North America to provide easy access and fast delivery of grating panels.

Standard Weldforged grating panels are available in 2 or 3 ft widths by 20 or 24 ft spans. Special length panels can be custom manufactured on our “run-to-length” line to almost any non-standard length, to suit your exact application or end use. Our capability to produce exactly what you need allows for a decrease in material waste and labor when compared with cutting custom pieces from standard size panels.

Weldforged Steel Grating

WB – (W-19-4)

Wb-Weldforged-Steel-GratingApproved for all general purposes, with bearing bars on 1-3/16″ centers and cross bars on 4″ centers. Most economical standard welded grating, with maximum standard opening for flow of air and liquids, and for heat and light transference.

WF – (W-19-2)

Wf-Weldforged-Steel-GratingFor general purposes with bearing bars on 1-3/16″ centers and cross bars on 2″ centers. Reduced open area by design, where a more comfortable walking surface are a consideration. Enhanced lateral stability.

WD – (W-15-4)

Wd-Weldforged-Steel-Bar-GratingWith bearing bar on 15/16″ centers and 4″ centers on cross bars, WD is often utilized in areas of public use or where higher load capacity is required.

WDF – (W-15-2)

Wdf-Weldforged-Steel-Bar-GratingWDF has bearing bars on 15/16″ centers and cross bars on 2″ centers. This product is specified and recommended mostly in conditions where small net openings between bars are required.


Weldforged Applications


Refineries, Chemical Plants

Weldforged grating panels are used in many industries where a strong grating is needed for walkways and work surfaces. The open grating also allows ventilation and airflow between levels for a safe working environment.


Bridge Decks

Weldforged grating’s strength, light weight and dead load characteristics make it ideal for structures such as bridges.


Power Plants

In addition to the ventilation benefits of Weldforged grating, it also allows heat dissipation from power plant turbines and boilers.


Maintenance Platforms

Weldforged grating panels are used in applications where a lightweight, serrated material is needed such as maintenance platforms and maintenance access, especially in inclined situations.


Distribution Centers and Warehouses

Weldforged grating panels provide a lightweight, strong open flooring material in tight restricted areas like catwalks, mezzanines, walkways and storage areas where space is at a premium.