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Metal Bar Grating Fasteners

IKG’s Bar Grating Clips and Fasteners

IKG provides bar grating anchoring, or clips so that the grating can be tightly fastened in place.

Clips and fasteners come in a variety of styles and sizes. When you specify a specific style of clip or fastener, the quote you receive will NOT include the screws (hardware) please make sure to specify this with your sales representative.

Notching bearing bars to adjust the grating so that it is flush with the elevation is not recommended.  Similarly, grating which is welded to an angle or toe plate and supported by the weld rather than the bearing bar surface is not recommended and should not be specified. Best results are obtained by always specifying the bearing bar height that results in the proper height of the grating surface.


Saddle Clip

A special bent-clip type bar grating fastener for removable bar grating panels available in aluminum, stainless steel, and galvanized steel. Clips are supplied by request and do not come automatically with grating order. Other fastening accessories to be provided by others. *Note: Cross bars may need to be snipped in thefield to facilitate placement of saddle clips.



A special friction fastener available in aluminum, stainless steel, and galvanized steel used in conjunction with bar grating and steel supports. *Note: Cross bars may need to be snipped in the field to facilitate placement of bar grating clamps.


Anchor Block

Anchor blocks of 1⁄4” or 3⁄16” thick aluminum or steel may be shop welded by the
grating manufacturer and used to fasten permanent or removable grating panels.
Anchor blocks are recessed thus offering a trip-free surface.


Hilti Disk

For a wide range of grating fastening applications (e.g. oil and gas installations, offshore, and ship building, industrial construction, steel industry, other public facilities, etc.


Plank Lug

A plank lug inserted and tack welded between flanges can serve as an anchor block for plank grating. TEK screw fastener by others.


Grate-Fast Fastener

Grate-Fast enables rapid and secure connection of open grate flooring to steel sections. Grating can be secured by one man , working from above, without the need to drill the steel, or weld on site.