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MEBAC Applications

MEBAC Anti-Slip Coating Applications

MEBAC® slip-resistant coating can be used for a variety of applications and is able to withstand extremely aggressive conditions. All grades of IKG MEBAC exceed the minimum .60 C.O.F. required by many municipalities. (OSHA) is available on standard size material, stock and custom fabricated plate and grating, on various nosing types for the leading edge of individual stairs in a stairway, as MEBAC Z-Tread steel stair steps, on ladder rungs and rung covers, or for application to customer supplied material.

Below, we have listed some of the typical applications our products are used for.

Kennedy Boulevard Bridge Anti Slip Coating

Typical MEBAC Applications

  • Cab Guards – tree trimming trucks
  • Automotive Manufacturing – Engine Test Carousel & passenger car assembly lines
  • Baseball Parks – Cast Grates in dugouts
  • Light Rail – Emergency exit walk platforms & exit walkways
  • Major Airlines – Catering trucks
  • Food Service Companies – Catering trucks
  • Bread Trucks – rear step bumper
  • Prisons – Stair Tread Nosings
  • Navy Yard Patrol Vessels – On aluminum plate in engine room
  • Food Processing Companies – Stair Systems in factories
  • Metal Smelters – walkways, tank bottoms and loading areas
  • Aircraft Manufacturers – Around milling machines
  • Telephone Comanies – Vault covers
  • City Councils – Sidewalk culverts
  • Tire Manufacturers – Work platforms
  • Cosmetics Manufacturers – Aerosol room
  • Staircase Manufacturers – Spiral stairs
  • Ski Resorts – Condominium steps
  • Shipbuilding Yards – Tread nosings