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MEBAC Anti-Slip

MEBAC Metal Bonded Anti-Slip Coating

IKG’s Metal Bonded Anti-Slip Coating or MEBAC® is a durable, zero-maintenance anti-slip coating for metal that can be applied to IKG bar grating, metal plate and customer provided material. MEBAC provides many years of top-performing slip resistance to protected areas and is fast becoming a valuable and essential part of many company slip and fall prevention safety programs.

The MEBAC Process

Multiple layers of grit encapsulated in arc metal spray are bonded to aluminum, carbon steel or stainless steel substrate to develop a high coefficient of friction (OSHA) under dry, wet and oily conditions. Even when covered with lubricants such as brake fluid and oil, MEBAC provides margins of safety that are unmatched in the industry.

IKG offers five grades of MEBAC anti-slip coating for metal, from moderate to extremely aggressive. All grades of IKG MEBAC exceed the minimum 0.60 Coefficient of Friction required by many municipalities.

Mebac #1 Diagram
Treads And Stair Treads
Mebac Anti-Slip Plates
Industrial Grating Product W300H200
Surfaced Customer Materials Product W300H200
Embedded Nosings Products
Custom Fabricated Plates Products
Surfaced Rungs And Covers Product W300H200

A Level of Unmatched Safety Performance

Increasingly, many industries are applying MEBAC slip-resistant coating to their metal flooring plates and other grating products where slip resistance is a critical component of their safety program. This includes almost any situation where there is pedestrian or vehicular traffic and the possibility of liquid spills.

  • Distribution centers and warehouses
  • Refineries and chemical plants
  • Factories, production and manufacturing centers
  • Municipal water and waste-water treatment facilities
  • Food processing plants
  • Walking paths
  • Roadways
  • Airports

MEBAC anti-slip coating for metal is available only from IKG on standard size material, stock and custom fabricated plate and grating. IKG also provides various nosing types for the leading edge of individual stairs in a stairway, MEBAC Z-Tread steel stair steps, ladder rungs and rung covers, or for application to customer supplied material. MEBAC can also be retrofit to material in an existing facility.

Our range of MEBAC products include:

  • Anti-Slip Coatings
  • Anti-Slip Plates
  • Custom Fabricated Plates
  • Surfaced Customer Materials
  • Industrial Grating
  • Treads/Stair Treads
  • Surfaced Rungs and Rung Covers
  • Renovation and Embedded Nosings

Contact one of our expert sales team by calling 1-800-324-8417. Discover how the physical properties of MEBAC, anti-slip coating for metal, will enhance workplace safety by preventing costly falls and/or information on ordering MEBAC.

Kennedy Boulevard Bridge Anti Slip Coating
Mebac Serrated Grating