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Services – Engineering

IKG Engineering – An Extension of Your Engineering Team

Structural Steel Drawings

The first step on safety flooring design is a through review of what the floor sits on – support beams, bracing and columns.  Erection drawings and steel fabricator’s shop drawings are reviewed for support placement, bracing, column locations, handrail locations and other details that affect flooring area boundaries and floor penetrations.

IKG Engineering carefully reviews areas where the flooring area intersects with structural steel connections, to identify cutouts and toe plate requirements. 

Our team carefully reviews and identifies any potential issues and communicates these to ensure problems are remedied before there is any cost or schedule impacts.

Detail Drawings

Beginning from the column and supporting steel, all features of the floor design are located, including span direction, banding, and nosing with full dimensioning and fabrication callouts.  Features such as penetrations and cutouts are dimensioned from structural steel reference points for straightforward positioning at installation. 

IKG then creates drawings to clearly communicate to the project team, fabrication personnel, and erection crews an accurate representation of the material required. This includes all penetrations and cutouts as well as fabrication extras such as toe plate, nosings, and banding.


Specialized Details

IKG Engineers and Detailers are particularly skilled at producing precise drawings and specifications for unusual floor construction such as Radial Grating (circular sections around a vessel or pipe) and Trench Grating (grating with banding sitting on embedded angle).

Stair tread and platform locations and dimensions are also part of the complete drawing package including multiple floor elevations. 

IKG will coordinate with you to ensure the design intent is not only fully represented but constructible and functional.

Customer Drawing Approvals

IKG Engineering remains in full control and support of your project when the drawings are complete – IKG sends you a transmittal for your review and approval.  Your project does not proceed without your signoff and go-ahead authorization!

When your sign-off is received, IKG Engineering updates the status of each drawing in our ERP system for full traceability, giving your project the “green light” to begin layout work.

After a final check and coordination with any design updates and the latest fabricator shop drawings, your project is released for fabrication.


Continuing Support

IKG Engineering remains a key player as long as your project has flooring areas yet to be manufactured – until the last approved drawing moves through IKG’s layout process to the shop floor.  New revisions are received, catalogued, integrated with the existing design drawings, and returned for your approval until a truly final state is reached for your site design and all adjustments identified have been made. 

Design revisions, erection questions, field modifications, site damaged pieces, etc. are all common and our team will quickly help to remedy these scenarios.