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The MEBAC® Process

Anti-Slip Safety Floor Coating

IKG is the industry-leading supplier of strong, durable grating products for almost any industrial use. Our products’ safety performance is greatly enhanced by the application of MEBAC anti-slip coatings. MEBAC is a durable, zero-maintenance coating that can be applied to IKG bar grating, metal plate and customer-provided material, providing many years of top-performing slip resistance in protected areas.    

MEBAC is the original anti-slip coating.

Unlike competitor coatings, which are comprised of tape, resin or paint, MEBAC anti-slip coatings are produced using a proprietary arc spray process. Molten metal is sprayed onto the surface with a special grit media encapsulated with additional coats. The result: a best-of-class, slipresistant surface that is uniform and extremely durable under dry, wet, and oily conditions. 

Available in different sizes and options, MEBAC coating can be utilized for a wide range of applications, from walkways to distribution center storage systems to heavy-duty roadways, airports, and bridge spans. In any environment where liquids are handled, stored, or transported and where there is heavy foot or vehicular trafficMEBAC anti-slip coatings provide margins of safety that are unmatched in the industry.

Mebac Anti-Slip Coating

MEBAC coated surfaces have been in use for over three decades worldwide and are available through IKG’s nationwide network of sales and representative offices.

MEBAC® Application Process

MEBAC coatings can be applied either before or after fabrication of metal components. However, it is recommended that whenever possible, bending or forming of substrate should take place before applying MEBAC. Also, when holes, cut-outs or attachments are performed on plain plate—prior to MEBAC anti-slip coating being applied—they yield a higher quality, lower cost and avoid the excessive tool wearing, uneven cut abrasive edges, and scrap that can occur on a surface that already has a MEBAC coating on it.

We offer four grades of MEBAC slip-resistant coating, from extremely aggressive to moderately aggressive. All grades of MEBAC exceed the minimum Coefficient of Friction (C.O.F) set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and required by many municipalities.

MEBAC (Industrial)

One of the original MEBAC coating products, MEBAC #1 (Industrial) offers the greatest durability and is the most aggressive slip-resistant surface in the MEBAC family of coatings. Used where superior slip resistance is required, it is available in both carbon steel and aluminum.  MEBAC Industrial includes the most aggressive grit and is ideal for heavy traffic areas as well as areas where liquids are commonly present (oil, cutting fluids, coolant, etc.). It is applied to solid plate surfaces only and is not for use on grating.  


MEBAC (Pedestrian)

MEBAC #4 coating has a smaller grit particle that is ideal for areas that may be exposed to bare feet, such as swimming pools and leisure areas. This size particle provides long-lasting durability expected from MEBAC® coatings and is also easy to clean. MEBAC® anti-slip coatings #4 is available in either our steel or aluminum coating. 



EZ Weld®

EZ Weld is available only in aluminum arc spray on aluminum, carbon steel, or stainless-steel substrates. Manufactured without grit particles, EZ Weld provides our least aggressive surface. Designed for moderate traffic areas that not only require a durable slip-resistant surface, EZ Weld also considers the ergonomics of a workplace. It is an ideal surface for food processing facilities, or other applications where the degree of slip resistance required is minimal. It can be applied to solid plate surfaces and aluminum bar grating.



Stainless steel MEBAC coating is available for specialized applications. Important considerations in deciding whether to utilize this type of coating will be the longer lead times expected with this custom-made product and significantly higher costs.