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Miscellaneous Steel

Safety Flooring & Access Infrastructure

Every floor has an access way, a safety rail, stairs or a ladder. Every platform has a way on and off.  IKG provides the access infrastructure to access critical areas of industrial plants, commercial warehouses, and similar facilities safely.

Our customers call this Miscellaneous Steel. At IKG, we call this our Safety Flooring and Access Infrastructure Solution.

Engineering Expertise

IKG’s miscellaneous steel brings the manufacturing scale and expertise which sets us apart from smaller, less capitalized businesses. We bring engineering expertise and 3-D modeling / BIM capabilities, ensuring proper integration and on-site fit-up, without test-fitting and rework. IKG brings state-of-the-art equipment and manufacturing expertise to every project to support our valued customer partnerships.


Handrails are a critical component to keeping employees safe. We fabricate handrails to your exact specification to provide fall prevention on elevated surfaces, walkways, and platforms.

Handrail can be produced using steel tubes or angles and often is painted in safety yellow for that extra awareness.

Ladders and Ladders with Safety Cages

Upper platforms and roof surfaces are accessed most efficiently via a compact, strong, durable IKG welded steel ladder that carries the same strength and reliability as millions of square feet of IKG grating installed across North America.

Ladders are ideal for reaching high, rarely accessed small platforms where miscellaneous steel stairs are impractical.  For added safety, IKG can provide safety cages with the ladders to your specification. Our Industrial Ladder and Cage Systems are protective indoors and outdoors. Ladder safety cages keep the worker or site visitor connected with the ladder, reducing slip and fall potential.

IKG custom ladders provide safe and reliable access to rooftops, mezzanines, maintenance and repair platforms and upper walkways.  Rigid and durable welded steel construction offers a consistent climb that meets OSHA and ANSI standards along with your specific site specifications.

Stair Stringers and Landings

IKG provides a complete platform access solution with treads, stringers, landings, and protective toe plate. Stair stringers provide the vertical support on either side of the staircase. IKG can also fabricate landings, or small platforms, that are usually at a certain elevation level and are part of the stair egress system.

IKG pre-processes the Stair Stringers to fit up and install at site without field fabrication, leveraging durable ASTM standard steel shapes fabricated to your specifications, and dimensionally compliant with site drawings.


Embeds are angle iron frames typically ¼” or thicker used to locate and support grating placed in concrete structures, example applications include drains and trenches.

IKG Embeds are fabricated with concrete steel studs made from carbon steel with a hot-dipped galvanized finish or paint. The steel studs anchor the assembly to the concrete structure creating a stable load-bearing recess where grating can be installed. IKG also supplies open steel grating with various mesh configurations in relation to  bars and cross bars. These are used for decks, walkways, sidewalks, floors, catwalks, runways, and fire escapes. All grating can be easily removed from the embed frame to access the recess below.

Typical sizing ranges from 1” x 1” x 1/8” to 8” x 8” x ¾”.

Contact us for custom embed frames and grating to fit your application. 

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