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GratingBIM™ 3D Modeling

Integrate IKG Solutions Into Your 3-D BIM Models For Virtual Fit-Up  

IKG® is dedicated to creating a seamless, coordinated experience from initial inquiry to delivery of our bar grating products. With GratingBIM building information modeling software, our partners experience a reliable and integrated workflow that reduces errors and delivers data rich digital models. 

BIM Software for Construction 

Currently many building information modeling software programs exist and are used by the various vendors on a project (grating, column/structural, equipment suppliersMEP). The result are many different modeling programs producing the construction plans in different file formats. IKG’s GratingBIM Building Information Modeling Software allows vendors access to an interoperable program, which creates integrated and coordinated workflows that help deliver projects with richer datasets, fewer conflicts and errors, and in less timeModels can be output in a variety of formats to easily compare work diagrams and schematics. Using GratingBIM software helps ensure everyone is on the same page, before the project begins.  

GratingBIM 3D Building Information Modeling Software builds all components in a consistent, real-scale, 3D environment. GratingBIM software models IKG grating and shows the interface between grating, columns, piping, and walls to identify potential problems before construction begins. These 3D digital images can be edited and transformed to ensure proper fit of materials before any final decisions are made. This allows coordination between various vendors so problems can be addressed prior to work starting at the jobsite, simplifying the building process.   

With real-scale GratingBIM 3D modeling, both confidence and optimization of design are increased. Advantages include: 

  • Accelerated review and approval process 
  • Reduced construction errors 
  • Readily available model access 
  • Better lifecycle management 
  • Rich digital grating models that help coordinate piping layouts, equipment openings and miscellaneous structural steel supports 

With IKG you can expect a transparent, innovative, and a dedicated partnership. Contact your local IKG sales associate for more information on how GratingBIM software can enhance integration on your next project.