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GratingBIM Applications

GratingBIM™ Building Information Modeling software allows vendors to work together build BIM applications in an integrated workflow that reduces errors and delivers data rich digital models.

IKG engineers develop BIM applications using virtual 3D models to identify interference problems and reduce errors before fabrication or construction. These models can be shared digitally between vendors to enhance understanding and interactions between building systems for a more informed project plan. These plans can then be shared with the general contractor to verify component size, placement and connectivity within the overall construction plan. Construction time delays and rework are reduced since issues are identified at earlier stages of the building design and construction process.

BIM workflow files are compatible with other construction workflow programs on the market today. IKG can supply these model files in several file formats to suit the exact need of the customer’s project.  

With GratingBIM building information modeling software you can expect an optimized construction tool that provides BIM applications with richer data sets, fewer errors, and professional industry insight. Contact your local IKG sales associate for more information on how GratingBIM software can enhance integration on your next project.  

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Contact your local IKG sales associate for more information on how GratingBIM software can enhance integration on your next project.


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