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GratingBIM Interoperability

Interoperability is a key benefit of IKG’s GratingBIM™ 3D modeling program for construction. This robust modeling program allows the exchange of building information modeling (BIM) results between multiple digital software platforms, allowing collaboration between various project managers and team members. The result: BIM interoperability with integrated and coordinated workflows that help deliver projects with richer datasets, with fewer conflicts and errors, all delivered in less time. 

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Gears Compatibility

Compatibility is Key

GratingBIM’s model data is compatible with various engineering and BIM applications used in the industry today. Our neutral files allow users to transfer data into the most common engineering applications, resulting in quicker, more efficient collaboration. With BIM interoperability, data is shared, project plans reviewed and problems identified before they can effect project schedule and budget.

Communication & Collaboration

Simulated model collaboration among various trades can expedite the approval process by allowing a thorough review in the 3D digital platform prior to construction. With BIM interoperability material suppliers and fabricators, sub-contractors and general contractors are all on the same page for better communication and better project results. This collaboration often brings up issues that would not have been identified before such as coordinating piping layouts, equipment openings and placement of structural steel supports 

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Information Rich Models

GratingBIM’s scaled models present the geometry of the grating (bearing bars and cross rods), including metadata such as piece-marks, sequence, finish and weight. Since the entire project is presented, down to the smallest component, all information can be viewed and verified.  

File Format Flexibility

GratingBIM can generate models into various neutral files allowing flexibility for end-users.

  • iFC2x3
  • 3dDGN
  • 3dDXF
  • 3dDWG
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