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GratingBIM Modeling

GratingBIM  Modeling 

IKG uses GratingBIM, a proprietary building information modeling software, for 3D bar grating modeling. It builds all components in a consistent, real-scale, 3D environment for an enhanced view of the project before the construction phase begins. GratingBIM’s tools assist in the detection of clashes and aid in identifying grating support issues during early stages of the design. The result: an accelerated review and approval process, reduced construction errors, an optimized design, and savings to your schedule and budget once actual construction begins. 

See the Project Down to the Smallest Level of Detail 

In 3D bar grating modeling, GratingBIM represents actual bar grating pieces (bearing bars and cross rods) including banding, toe plate, nosing, penetrations, stair treads and fasteners in true-to-scale size as part of the construction plan. Providing a greater level of detail that is usually not found in other programs, GratingBIM software visually compares the placement of each grating accessory to identify and correct support issues during the initial modeling phase of the project. The result is a seamless view of the entire project before construction begins.  

Modeling Content Intro Image Small W600


Bim Modeling Level Of Detail Banding W600H400

Toe Plate

Bim Level Of Detail Toe Plate W600H400


Bim Level Of Detail Nosing W600H400


Bim Level Of Detail Penetrations W600H400

Stair Treads

Bim Level Of Detail Stair Treads W600H400

Grating Fasteners

Bim Level Of Detail Fasteners W600H400

Clash Finder Tool Helps Make Sure All the Pieces Fit 

In conjunction with the structural steel model, the clash finder tool streamlines the model process. Real-scale components are represented in the model to identify and correct grating clash prior to fabrication, reducing construction errors. The images shown here represent a number of issues that were identified during the modeling process. These issues can be corrected while still on the computer screen, saving time and budget once construction starts.  

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