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Success Story: Data Center Rooftop Grating Walkway

Jun 9, 2021Case Studies


Installation of Rooftop Grating Walkways

It’s a fact of life that computers, iPads and smart devices have become vital tools used by billions around the globe. With the constant creation of data from work to personal; storing, processing, and disseminating all that information has created a demand for data centers. IKG recently supplied WB8 Galvanized Grating for a data center’s rooftop which will support walkways and cooling systems. With an increase in demand for data centers, bar grating can ensure that investment is cost effective and long lasting.

A recent market analysis estimates the total value of data center construction at $8.4 billion with the expectation that it will increase to $13.9 billion by 2026. There is also a growing demand to improve existing infrastructure to support increasing technological capabilities and expanding functionalities. Once such project is the U.S. Army’s plan to deploy a private cloud computing service and data center; the total budget is $249 million. Another industry in need of data center solutions is healthcare. With enormous amounts of patient data, clinical trials, etc.; the need to store and analyze that information is growing exponentially.

Advantages of Grating in Data Centers

Grating can provide a variety of cost effective and long-lasting solutions for data centers. One such aspect is rooftop grating walkways, work platforms and crossover systems. The grating can provide a safe platform for maintenance workers to access machinery while simultaneously protecting the roof from incurring damage. Crossover systems also prevent slips, trips, and falls around cabling and similar components as well as protecting these critical elements from wear and damage from foot traffic.  Specifying galvanized steel or aluminum grating also ensures that the investment made is long-lasting and weather resistant.  Unlike rubber pad or metal plate walkways, grating allows for snow and rain to evaporate rather than collect under the walkway.

Another advantage of installing data center bar grating would be the increased access to cooling systems as well as increased air circulation. The hardware required by data centers creates a tremendous amount of heat and, to keep them running, the building needs to have a robust and efficient HVAC system. Servers resting on a flat surface need lower temperatures to account for less air circulation. Bar grating provides up to 77% open area for increased air flow.

IKG Smooth Galvanized Grating

IKG supported the installation of WB8 galvanized grating directly, working onsite with the client to overcome last minute fabrication detailing and weather delays. The entire rigging and installation process was captured via photo and GoPro video, which are shown below and included on IKG’s Youtube Channel.


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