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IKG’s aluminum and steel grating outlasts other flooring materials, and is the best choice for strength and long-term cost savings due to its high strength-to-weight-ratio.   It can be fabricated to suit any configuration for a specific use and is perfect for power plants because liquids and debris cannot collect on it, providing an extra measure of safety and slip resistance.

IKG’s extensive product line offers a variety of solutions for the energy sector for the manufacturing and fabrication of safety flooring and access walkways.


  • Plain (Smooth)
  • Serrated (Slip-resistant)
  • MEBAC® (Metal Bonded Anti-Slip Coating)


  • Mill
  • Galvanized
  • GrateCoat® Powder Coat Finish
  • Anodized

Metal Bar Grating Provides a Long Lasting and Stable Solution

Including IKG’s aluminum or steel bar grating into your structure is an investment that has been tried and tested in the industry for well over 120 years. Our manufacturing and fabrication experience ensure precision and quality grating for your flooring, stairs, access walkways and more. Available in steel and aluminum, contractors also have the added option of galvanizing, painting, or anodizing to guarantee the longevity of their application. Bar grating also provides less deflection over greater spans between supports, as opposed to solid floors and walkways.

Guaranteed Support by an Experienced Grating Team

With an experienced and knowledgeable sales and engineering team to initiate the process and answer any questions, to a dedicated and skilled workforce of manufacturers and fabricators: IKG is set to provide an excellent customer experience from start to finish. Our project managers will guide you through the approval process, supplying any necessary documentation and answering any questions regarding shipping, fabrication, detailing, as well as material selection, sizes, and options.