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Fabricated Grating

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Safe T-Grid® Aluminum Grating is an innovative, swaged T-Bar aluminum grating, available exclusively at IKG®.  It incorporates a flush-top walking surface with the economy of swaged construction. Safe T-Grid® aluminum grating provides a safe, comfortable, affordable and corrosion-resistant walking or standing surface ideal for water and wastewater treatment plants, pedestrian bridges, walkways, and similar industrial uses. The striated surface of Safe T-Grid® provides slip resistance for walking areas and satisfies ADA requirements for cities and municipalities.  

  • A proprietary IKG manufacturing process gives Safe T-Grid® the highest strength grading to weight ratio resulting in the strongest material for the weight of the product. 
  • Comfortable for both walking and standing. The broad top flange walking surface feels much like solid flooring underfoot. 
  • Openings on some types of Safe T-Grid® are less than ¼-in. wide, making it ideal for all footwear, yet sufficient to allow the passage of air and water. 

The key to Safe T-Grid® performance 

Strong, tight swaging of cross bars locks Safe T-Grid® Aluminum Grating’s bearing bars solidly in place with a positive lock that prevents the main bearing bars from racking or ‘venetian blinding.’ This dramatic deformation will last for years without loosening, even under heavy traffic. A wide top flange of bearing bars gives added lateral rigidity. 


  • Plain 
  • MEBAC® Metal Bonded Anti-Slip Coating 


  • Mill 
  • Anodized 
  • Duranodic 

Safe T-Grid® Aluminum Grating can be fabricated to your exact specifications for your next project. Our expert project managers and engineering team are standing by to answer any questions you may have on Safe T-Grid® material, fabrication or installation. 

Stock Panels Safe T Grid
TB-940 – (S-19-4)
The TB-940 product provides a grid of .940″ wide T-Bar surfaces with .2475″ openings.
TB-626 – (S-19-4)
The TB-626 product provides a grid of .626″ wide T-Bar surfaces with .5615″ openings.
TP-940 – (S-30-4)
The TP-940 product provides a grid of 0.940-in. wide T-Bar surface with 0.935-in. openings.  
TD-626 – (S-15-4)
The TD-626 product provides a grid of .626″ wide T-Bar surfaces with .311″ openings.