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An Innovative New Approach to High Security Fencing

A unique approach to high security fencing, GrateGuard™ provides both the visual and physical barrier necessary to deter and withstand intrusion and protect your facility. Heavy duty bar and rod stock is welded for optimal strength and combined with an architecturally-designed high strength post, rail and bracket frame work, creating the ultimate metal security fencing system.

GrateGuard fencing is daptation of IKG’s industry-leading, proven bar grating product, for use where high-security protection is necessary.

A few examples include:

  • Airports
  • Nuclear Facilities
  • Prisons
  • Utilities
  • Military Property
  • Petrochemical Plants

For your unique application, contact our expert team for a customized fencing solution. Discover how GrateGuard can fulfill your specific security requirements.

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The GrateGuard solution

GrateGuard™ high-security fencing began as a solution to a common security concern: How best to provide a high security fence system that is physically sufficient to withstand a concerted intrusion effort?

The market for security fencing offers chain link fencing, ornamental iron or aluminum, welded wire and expanded metal. These options all provide a visual deterrent but each lack in vital areas the physical ability to impede a perimeter security breach. Common failures of these offerings are attainable using small hand tools and power tools such as a grinder to quickly cut through individual sections in less than one minute.

That is where Grateguard comes in, much more powerful and able to provide true security.

Fabricated to deter any type of intrusion attempt

GrateGuard heavy duty security fencing is fabricated from bar and rod stock with a high strength-to-weight ratio that is fusion welded for optimal strength and rigidity along the entire panel structure. GrateGuard™ high-security fencing is further supported with an architecturally-designed high strength post, rail and bracket frame-work. This patent pending combination of engineered products provides the ultimate in physical deterrence as well as a visually appealing design.

Your IKG GrateGuard security fencing expert can help determine the best options for a total solutions package.

What makes GrateGuard fencing unique?

  • Blade Guard includes a series of spikes along the top of GrateGuard fencing that deters climbing over the fence.
  • Angled- or kick-out panels add a further anti-climb determent by providing an angled wall facing the outside perimeter.
  • Tight-mesh patterns are available that make it difficult to climb and can also provide a certain amount of protection against live fire.
  • Coupled with sensors, alarms and monitoring, GrateGuard security fencing provides a total solution to perimeter security concerns.

GrateGuard steel security fencing systems offer a unique combination of security, visual deterrence and pleasing aesthetics.

Substantial high-strength steel bars and rods, that are fully fusion welded, enhance its inherent anti-climb properties, making any attempts at breaching the fence a difficult, noisy endeavor requiring extra heavy-duty power tools.

With product height configurations available up to 20-ft tall, GrateGuard™ high-security fencing is one of the most logical selections when securing any governmental or military facility.

Protecting the critical infrastructure of our nation’s power grid and water supplies is at the forefront of today’s security. GrateGuard’s imposing presence begins the deterrence factor of would-be intruders as well as domestic and international criminal activities and finishes with one of the industry’s most difficult barriers to breach.

In the oil and LNG industries, the risk of potential toxins, caustics, and explosive chemicals/gases are all associated with an escalating need for enhanced security.
These facilities need the most stringent protection available to prevent the possibilities of mass illnesses, injury or loss of life. When up to millions of lives are potentially at stake, the choice is obvious.

Pick one of the best physical security barriers to integrate with electronic and personnel security measures in order to maximize detection and deter, delay or stop would-be intruders.

Increased security is one of the most important if not the number one factor when dealing with threats at our airports, ports of entry, railroads, and more. Increasing amounts of fencing that integrate anti-climb characteristics, including taller and more difficult to scale heights, are continuously being proposed and installed.

GrateGuard™ high-security fencing is an ideal solution for all areas of transportation facilities that need to direct or control pedestrian movements and limit access to secure areas for non-essential personnel. GrateGuard’s robust characteristics are a natural fit to protect the hubs of our nation’s transit activities.

The safeguarding of virtual records, personal data, transactions and information are critical components of today’s society. Facilities that host these services require controlled entry points with dual factor authentication procedures, multiple utility redundancies, hardened buildings, and surveillance needs both internal and external.

GrateGuard steel security fencing systems, when used as a first line defensive barrier, is an integral component in the overall physical security design to ensure these installations are protected.

For your unique application, contact our expert team for a customized fencing quote. Discover how GrateGuard can fulfill your specific security requirements.