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Steel Handrails


As your customers and colleagues navigate the access walkways and platforms around critical equipment in your facility, their eyes are drawn instantly to the safety yellow handrail in high strength steel tube or angle.  The handrail and its support structure provide a sense and orientation of safety based on the steel shapes chosen for the rail and the strength of the vertical supports that position it at hand level.  The location and appearance of welds, nuts and bolts are also critical to presenting a quality rail.  As their hand grips the rail to support their first steps on the walkway, the solid feel of well supported handrail combines with sure footing on properly specified and installed bar grating to give your customer high confidence in navigating the access infrastructure.

From a safety perspective, the handrail acts as a secondary support structure for maintaining weight balance on platforms, walkways, and steps.

IKG manufactures handrail and supports in full compliance with site drawings and material specifications. We supply a complete solution including welded handrail sections and fasteners.