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Steel Handrails

When people access walkways and platforms around critical equipment in a facility, their eyes are drawn instantly to the safety yellow handrail in high strength steel tube or angle. Its support structure provides a sense and orientation of safety based on the steel shapes chosen for the rail and the strength of the vertical supports that position it at hand level. The location and appearance of welds, nuts and bolts are also critical to presenting a quality rail as their hand grips the rail to support their first steps on the walkway, the solid feel of a well-supported handrail combines footing on properly installed bar grating. This will allow to give your customer high confidence in navigating the access infrastructure.

From a safety perspective, the handrail acts as a secondary support structure for maintaining weight balance on platforms, walkways, and steps.

IKG manufactures handrails and supports in full compliance with site drawings and material specifications. We supply a complete solution including welded handrail sections and fasteners.

Why Choose IKG

  • We’re Experienced: We are America’s first and leading bar grating manufacturer. IKG has over 120 years of providing innovative solutions through unparralled manufacturing capacity, state-of-the-art information and logistics systems and the most knowledgable sales and engineering staff in the industry.
  • IKG Provides a Better Product at a More Competitive Price: IKG is the technology leader in the grating industry. Our grating products are manufactured in state-of-the-art plants that produce grating faster and with greater precision than anyone else (1,000 square feet per minute), utilizing the most up-to-date CAD engineering systems and sophisticated order handling. We make sure that each order matches your specifications exactly and is keyed, packed and shipped for the fastest installation on your job.
  • Our Commitment to Our Customers Is World Class: IKG is committed to meet or exceed your quality and service expectations at all times, so we constantly challenge the status quo to be more responsive to you in every way. We value our long-term customer relationships and lasting business values, and we continually strive to improve as your supplier, regardless of the size of your grating projects.