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IKG’s Ask an Expert: What’s New with MEBAC®

Feb 2, 2021Ask an Expert

Ikg North American Sales Manager On Mebac Slip Resistant CoatingThis article marks the first of a new series here at IKG, “Ask an Expert” offering insights for those curious about IKG products and processes. Today’s expert is Jeff Lyons, IKG’s North American Sales Manager (click here to view Jeff’s LinkedIn Profile) reviewing MEBAC®Anti-Slip Coatings.

Anti-Slip Coating – MEBAC®

Today I want to talk about some of the applications for MEBAC® durable anti-slip coatings here at IKG.  As someone new to the MEBAC® line, I’d like to expand my knowledge on the applications for Anti-Slip Coatings.

First, why do customers specify MEBAC® in drawings or specifications?

MEBAC®, as a brand, is a very recognizable name in the industry. We’ve been around for more than 50 years as a safety flooring product. Even though the specifications have changed, as safety regulations update and account for new variables; MEBAC® has evolved alongside to remain a top product.

Why would customers seek out or look for a solution like MEBAC®?

Potential MEBAC® customers, such as architects, engineers, and design houses, are looking for a solution to slip and fall hazards in areas such as accessways, walkways, and areas exposed to slip agents such as water or grease/oil. At the end of the day, customers are really looking for a long-term answer to a very problematic situation.

Our coating does provide longer durability than most in the industry (like epoxies, paint-on or spray-on applications). MEBAC® is providing superior coefficient of friction.

Would you say the MEBAC® slip resistant surface is more of a long-term investment than other products, like those epoxies you’ve mentioned?

That is correct.

So we’ve covered the benefits of MEBAC® over the short-term solutions, how would you say MEBAC® stands compared to other products on the market?

The process applies molten metal which has a longevity as far as the metal will last. In addition MEBAC® products have a grit that just doesn’t compare to those shorter-term products. Some will have diamond treads or scored metal to provide that non-slip surface. IKG seals the metal on the surface with the grit to provide a very high coefficient of friction.  In terms of longevity, clients are looking for something that will last 10, 15, 20 years where epoxy coatings can wear out in a matter of months.

You mentioned coefficient ratings, what exactly is that a measure of?

There’s some science involved!  The coefficient of friction is a designation for measuring the resistance between two forces, for example the walking surface and the soles of a person’s shoes. If the walkway is icy, then the coefficient is low and a slip is more likely. Our product has proven to have the highest coefficient rating in a variety of conditions, whether the surface has an oil spill or water, and exceeds any OSHA or ADA guidelines.

Could you tell me about any recent projects we may have in the pipeline?

We have several interesting projects in house or in the pipeline!  Recently IKG provided architects and engineers working on Georgia State’s outdoor pavilion with 6ft wide 2ft deep treads going on all the walkways. There is also an interesting venture we’re starting within the trucking industry to work on logistical applications that will provide better safety coverage for hazardous areas prone to slips and falls. The benefit’s of IKG’s anti-slip MEBAC®floor coatings even extends to common areas like utility accessways.

Utility accessways?

Say you’re walking down a concrete sidewalk in New York City, and you eventually come across a steel door flushed in that concrete that leads to utility cabling, telephone lines, drainage, etc. That door is metal and becomes iced over much more quickly than the concrete around it. Applying MEBAC® to those accessways increases the friction between pedestrians walking and the icy metal on the sidewalk.

Final thoughts on the overall benefits of MEBAC® non slip flooring?

The number one benefit – longevity and maximum COF. Epoxies and slip resistant strips wear out like paint. High traffic can reduce these products to a low coefficient rating. What seems like a cost-effective method of reducing accidents could potentially need to be reapplied to maintain a minimal COF. Our application is a one-time application, which lasts over twenty years in high traffic areas and results in a lower cost of maintenance overall.

Learn more about MEBAC® – Talk to a IKG Rep Today!

IKG has 100+ years in the steel grating industry and has one of the most trusted safety floor coating brands on the market! If you’d like to learn more about MEBAC® visit our About MEBAC®page or visit our request a sample page to get your free sample today! To speak to a representative, call us at 1-800-324-8417.

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