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Markets Served

Industrial metal bar grating is the favored solution for many applications because of its durability, high percentage of open area and an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio.  With over 100 years of experience, IKG® is the preferred provider to the industry. From power plants to chemical plants, IKG adds long-term value and time-tested reliability.   

Industrial metal bar grating applications include: 

  • Towers/Antennas 
  • Power plants and utilities
  • Water and wastewater treatment plants 
  • Paper mills 
  • Mining 
  • Energy (Oil and Gas, LNG, Nuclear, Petrochemical, Refineries) 
  • Heavy duty applications 

 Local manufacturing for fast delivery 

IKG’s products are fabricated in state-of-the-art manufacturing plants spanning over half a million square feet of manufacturing capability. Our manufacturing plants are located in the United States to ensure quick delivery of your product. All IKG industrial bar grating products are manufactured to ANSI/NAAMM metal bar grating tolerances and specifications.   

 Dedicated support every step of the way 

Our experienced and professional sales and engineering staff are standing by to answer any questions and help insure the right product for your industrial metal bar grating application. IKG’s trusted project managers will guide you through the approval process, including the necessary approval documentation; answer questions on fabrication, shipping or any other details; and even advice on project specific questions such as material selection, size and options. 

 Materials, size, surfaces and finishes for any application 

A variety of materials, surfaces and finishes are available for industrial metal bar grating including our MEBAC® (Metal Bonded Anti-Slip Coating). For surfaces that require higher safety measures, MEBAC slip-resistant surfaces provide a consistently high result for coefficient of friction under a wide range of conditions. IKG bar grating comes in a variety of bar grating sizes; it can be custom fabricated to your exact specifications or ready made for more standard sizes. Contact your local IKG representative for more information.  

 Surfaces Available 

  • Plain (Smooth) 
  • Serrated (Slip-resistant) 
  • MEBAC® (Metal Bonded Anti-Slip Coating) 

 Finishes Available 

  • Mill 
  • Galvanized 
  • GrateCoat® Powder Coat Finish 
  • Anodized