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Data Centers and Warehouses

Building out a mezzanine area is the best way to increase usable space in your building. Installing metal grating from IKG in unused areas can provide additional storage or work platforms, and create additional walkways.  Common applications and mezzanine deck types include free standing or rack supported.   

  • Storage Areas
  • Work Platforms
  • Walkways
  • Racking Systems

Our grating specialists offer a consultative approach along with years of experience designing, estimating, engineering and fabricating your specific project needs. Some of our previous projects include the application of mezzanine work in distribution centers, sorting facilities, and record storage systems.  

Make the best use of currently unused airspace with IKG mezzanine grating. 

With multiple plant locations for, IKG can supply mezzanine grating faster and with reduced freight costs. As an added feature, IKG offers GrateCoat® paint finish to ensure a high quality, durable finish for your application with a look that matches your facility. This unique powder coat paint finish is for interior use only. 

IKG experts bring a wealth of experience to ensure your grating requirements are well managed and cost-effective. We’re here to help you through every step of the process—from design and detailing, to production and on-time delivery. Plus we can answer any question you may have about the bar grate used in mezzanine areas. 

Contact IKG specialists today for direct assistance with your mezzanine or material handling decking requirements. 


Weldforged® Mezzanine Grating

IKG mezzanine Grating is offered in a wide range of panel widths and lengths, specifically manufactured to your project’s needs. With our automated production we provided the most effective layouts for your mezzanine walkways and storage applications.

We’re here to help you through every step – from design and detailing, to production and on-time delivery. Our mezzanine staff have a wealth of experience to ensure your grating requirements are well managed and cost-efficient.

Please contact IKG mezzanine specialists for direct assistance in outfitting your mezzanine walkways and storage and determining material handling decking requirements.

  1. WB Mezzanine
    • Approved for all general purposes, with bearing bars on 1-3/16″ centers and cross bars on 4″ centers. Most economical standard welded grating, with maximum standard opening for flow of air and liquids, and for heat and light transference. Recommended for free-standing mezzanines or rack supported catwalks and walkways.
  2. WL Mezzanine
    • The WL product is a Weldforged Grating with bearing bars on 2-3/8- in. centers and cross bars on 4-in centers. This product can be utilized in areas with little or no pedestrian traffic as safety grating. Commonly used in pallet flow systems to prevail items dropping through to lower levels.