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Grating & Fabricated Grating


IKG is the industry leader in the manufacture of steel and aluminum grating panels, manufactured to NAAMM standards. IKG offers grating in three styles: Weldforged® Steel, Swage Locked Aluminum and Safe-T-Grid® Aluminum and in a variety of surface options and standard or custom finishes.

Our Grating are available on immediate or short-term notice direct from IKG’s plants or through our extensive distributor network in 2’-0″ and 3’-0″ widths and 20’-0″ and 24’-0″ lengths (spans).


Weldforged Steel Grating

Weldforged® panels are available in plain and serrated surface as well as with IKG Mebac® slip resistant surface. Standard carbon steel panels are available in mill finish, hot dip galvanized or IKG’s exclusive GrateCoat® finish; stainless steel comes standard in mill finish.

Standard panels are available in 2′-0″ or 3′-0″ wide by 20′-0″ or 24′-0″ span. Special length panels can be custom manufactured on our “Run-To-Length” line and can be produced to almost any non-standard length, to suit your exact application or end use.

Our standard carbon steel grating are readily available because IKG controls the manufacturing process of all components in our own factories, which eliminates potential delays from mills or out-source vendors.


Swage Locked Aluminum Grating

I-Bar and Rectangular Bar Swage locked aluminum grating offer ideal solutions for applications that require high strength to weight ratios and corrosion resistance, such as in waste-water treatment plants.

IKG’s I-Bar swaged aluminum grating is the lightest weight, lowest cost aluminum grating in the IKG product line, an excellent choice when economy is a major factor. I-Bar panels are standard with a ribbed top pattern or may be ordered with Aluminum Mebac® slip resistant surface.

Rectangular Bar swaged panels offer the strength of pressure locked grating with the economy of a swaged product. They are available in plain and serrated surface or may be ordered with Aluminum Mebac®slip resistant surface.

Standard panels are available in 2′-0″ or 3′-0″ wide by 24′-0″ long (span).


Safe-T-Grid® Aluminum Grating

This Swaged T-Bar aluminum grating, available exclusively from IKG, incorporates a flush top walking surface with the economy of swaged construction. Especially well-suited to pedestrian traffic, Safe-T-Grid® provides a measure of safety and a comfortable, affordable and corrosion resistant walking or standing surface. It is ideal for water and waste water treatment plants, pedestrian bridges, walkways and similar applications.

Safe-T-Grid® is available in variety of bar spacings and bar depths to provide cost effective solutions, including two bar configurations that are ADA compliant. Safe-T-Grid® is innovative in its design and simplicity and is available with ribbed walking surface or with IKG Mebac® slip resistant walking surface.

Standard panels are available in 2′-0″ or 3′-0″ (nominal) width by 24′-0″ long or 20′-0″ (span).

Fabricated Grating

Whatever your fabricated grating application, IKG’s full range of Fabricated Products provide a solution. Manufactured to NAAMM standards and sized exactly for your complex floor patterns and hard-to-fit areas. We provide expert assistance with design, estimating, sales, engineering, project management, prompt accurate quotations, and site installation consulting.

With multiple North American shipping locations, we are prepared to expedite your Fabricated Grating orders for on-time delivery, backed by a quality control team and shipping experts who make sure each panel matches your specifications and is keyed, packed and shipped for the fastest installation on your job.


Fabricated Weldforged Grating

  • Recommended for general installation.
  • Economical, versatile, and durable.
  • Available in a wide variety of bar sizes and spacing.
  • Finishes include:  plain, serrated, or IKG’s own Mebac®slip-resistant surface.

Fabricated Swage and Pressure Locked Grating

IKG offers a broad range of Swage Locked and Pressure Locked grating products in a wide selection of styles that suit your particular application.


Stair Treads and Other IKG Gratings

IKG fabricates stair treads of every grating style and material.


Fabricated Aluminum Plank Grating

For installations where light weight, low cost, easy to install flooring or stairways are required, IKG Aluminum Plank Grating may be the perfect solution.