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IKG® carries metal grating panels in stock for a variety of products, including Weldforged® grating, swage locked grating, aluminum plank and pressure locked metal-bar grating, to match your specific application or project.  With over a century of experience in metal grate floor panels, you can rely on IKG to supply the best product available.  

Immediate delivery when and where you need it 

All our metal grating panels in stock are built in local manufacturing centers and are available for same day or next day delivery. Standard panels are available in 2-ft or 3-ft wide by 20-ft or 24-ft spans but if necessary, most products can be custom fabricated to almost any length. All IKG bar grating is manufactured to NAAMM standards. 

IKG provides metal grate panels with options for every application 

Our stock grating products come in either carbon/stainless steel or aluminum. Our metal floor panels are available in a variety of surfaces and finishes including our proprietary MEBAC® slip-resistant surface coating to enhance safety in heavy foot-traffic areas where liquids such as water or lubricants may be present.   

The number one supplier of stock panels 

Customers world-wide have benefited from IKG metal grating panels in stock. Some of the many applications include bridges, walkways, factories, distribution centers, water and wastewater treatment plants, industrial sites and any other area of heavy traffic where safety is a prime concern.  

Regardless of the application or drivers affecting your decision—economics, strength, safety, architectural appearance or maximum passage of heat, light and air—you can rely on IKG to supply the best product in the industry today. The IKG sales team can answer any questions you may have about our products and help place your order for metal grating panels in stock. Our safety and quality experts will ensure the best possible product is supplied on time and on spec for your next project.  

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