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500 Brikell Parking Garage


Aluminum Grating Did That?!

When someone thinks of Miami, it conjures images of sunny beaches, beautiful architecture, Latin cuisine and culture. This all comes wrapped in a colorful kaleidoscope of bright hues. In 2008 IKG helped enhance the colorful palette of downtown Miami with the 500 Brickell Parking Garage. The project remains unique in the IKG case study portfolio because of the application of 47 different colors to the Aluminum Swage Lock Grating featured in the 350 garage outlooks.

Designed by the internationally known architectural firm, Arquitectonica, 500 Brickell features a twin towers motif. Centered above is an eye catching 75’ oculus centered on the expansive roof between the two buildings. 30 stories below that is the oculus’ twin pool located on the amenities deck. This allows swimmers to view the sky framed by the white light weight cladding of the one-of-a-kind roof. Sitting neatly at the base, is the expansive parking garage that features a truly amazing metal grating application.

Rainbow Aluminum Swage Lock Grating

The Brickell garage stands as one of the more unique applications of IKG’s Swage Lock Grating. The parking garage utilized 31,000 SF of IKG’s Aluminum Grating. Overall the grating was used to furnish 740 areas, including the 350 circular, grid-like windows along its façade. Showcasing the colors of the rainbow, IKG used 47 different colors using Kynar Paint by Windsor Metals of Kissimmee, Florida.

From Arquitectonica’s article on 500 Brickell, viewers can get a sense of the creativity involved with solving a logistical problem in an artistic way: “Linking the towers from below is a ten story garage podium whose kaleidoscopic-colored circles contrast the building’s monochromatic forms….The garage was a design challenge due to its size and visibility from both sides. We chose to turn it into a monumental Pop Art mural.”

Completed in June 2008, the colorful Brickell parking garage provides for the 655 residential units as well as the 20, 500 SF of retail space above. From light blue to light yellow, the circular grated windows provide privacy for those within. The grating simultaneously improves the aesthetic of the building as a whole. The Condominium above sports luxury accommodations such as a state-of-the-art fitness center, steam and sauna rooms, wine cellar, theater room and more.

IKG is one of the first grating manufacturers in the nation; with over 100 years of experience in providing exceptional metal grating. With a wide variety of grating products, IKG’s metal grating can be used in industrial settings, sports arenas, for safety solutions or even unique projects like the 500 Brickell garage. Contact us today at (800)- 324-8417 or fill out our Request a Quote form and a representative will be in touch as soon as possible.


500 Brikell Parking Garage 2

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