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Markets Served

Today’s digital economy and consumer’s expectation of rapid fulfillment has led to an increase in the number of material handling and warehouse distribution centers. A main component of these huge facilities are industrial racking systems that store, transport and package items for delivery.

IKG® provides lightweight, yet durable metal bar grating that is the perfect material for many of these storage racking systems use in material handling and warehouse facilities. Our low-maintenance product is easily cut, fabricated and finished for specific project designs.

IKG works with your contractor to design, fabricate and provide each storage system. IKG is dedicated to making the best use of your working, walking, and storage space with our high-quality bar grating.

Common end uses include distribution centers, assembly facilities, factories, retail (hardware and auto parts stores), warehouses, and stockrooms; anyplace that makes use of industrial racking systems, pallet racks, shelving, elevated walkways, access platforms or any special walkways.

IKG’s manufacturing advantages

A special IKG fabrication process includes cutting the product to the specific project length. The process is completed as the product comes off the welder to dramatically decrease scrap. This means you do not have to rely on the standard 20-ft and 24-ft lengths when fabricating your storage system. Decreased labor and material costs are in turn passed on the customer.

IKG offers our unique GrateCoat® powder-coat paint finish to ensure a high-quality and high-gloss durable finish that is applied consistently for any application. GrateCoat finish is for interior use only.

Anti-slip surfaces are critical in areas of heavy foot traffic along with the movement of liquids. Protecting your employees and products is easily done with our variety of slip-resistant options.

All grating products are manufactured to NAAMM tolerances and specifications.

Surfaces Available

  • Plain (Smooth)
  • Serrated (slip-resistant)
  • MEBAC® (Metal Bonded Anti-Slip Coatings)

Finishes Available

  • Mill, Galvanized
  • GrateCoat
  • Anodized

Material Standard material is WB Mezzanine. WB is approved for all general purposes, with bearing bars on 1-3/16-in. centers and cross bars on 4-in. centers. This is our most economical standard welded grating, with a maximum standard opening for flow of air and for heat and light transference. Recommended for free-standing mezzanines or rack supported catwalks and walkways.